Free Art Classes

At my studio I hold art camps, classes, and workshops.

Sometimes, I do a class for free: You can check the studio link for upcoming events:

I've been holding free art classes at my studio, and today one of the attendees asked "Why are you so nice?"... I didn't think I was being nice-- I was being myself, so I asked her for context, and she mentioned that the workshop on painting landscapes was free, and it was something she really wanted to do. My answer was genuine, and I am glad she asked.

2 reasons:

1. My art studio is something that I dreamed of having; a place that I could've gone to when I was a child to grow as an artist amongst other artists. The problem was; I couldn't afford things like my space when I was younger, and no one really had an art studio with summer camps and free workshops every now and then. 

2. The second reason was "content". As an entrepreneur, it's extremely hard to run and operate a company without content, so yes I make money with classes or camps, but what about the people who could've missed a class because of time or finances? Why not use that opportunity to help someone while at the same time create content for my brand? 


That is a bit of transparency, but it's the truth.


Heres a photo of the landscapes we did: 

Love you all, Kevo.