Free Tattoo Give Away

Good evening! Im doing a free tattoo give away, but first I wanted to update some of the confused clients. My tattoo website (here) is BUT my art studio website is . . . It's two different companies/locations. Tattoos on one, Paint Parties/classes on the other. The Art studio can be rented for paint parties, I hold classes there, and I will be doing different Art-related programs in the future. 

Anyway, I'm looking to do some free tattoos, so luckily you have read this email. Here are the options: SMALL/MID: I will do 1 free tattoo worth $100 on anyone who brings someone to get a tattoo. So if you book a group, one of you can get the free one, or you can choose to knock off $100. Valid until July 13th

Im going to do 2 free palm/midsize tatts on the first person who gets more than one person to book the small tatts mentioned above, and YES, you can give your free tatt away. This is valid until July 23rd, but, the exception to this is DO NOT ask me any question I've already answered. Example: Don't ask me if you can let someone else get the free tatt. If you ask; no free tatt for either of you. 

Lastly, a large tatt. First person to send me an idea I like, will get the tattoo. I will post the winner on @KevosTattoos story whenever I get a tattoo I like. I will not respond to you if I don't like the tatt, so don't send me more than one tattoo please. I will only respond if you win.