Story behind the Painting... (Mercury Retrograde)

A lot happened in Germany for me as an artist. I met foreign artists and received insight on their culture and artistic practice, I got to know fellow co-grads from Houston Baptist University, and I painted Mercury Retrograde; the first painting that I was able to paint in pure peace. What started as a thought about how I can praise myself in what I call Kevo-ism, left me to wonder about what I actually love to paint about; content. I want to paint about things that matter. The actual Mercury Retrograde, astrologically, has to deal with the planet's effect on human behavior-- where it is widely believed to have an impact on human communication and relationships. Ive noticed that when these retrogrades occur, Im a lot more emotionally vulnerable, and I do a better job listening to what people tell me they feel. While I was sketching in preparation to paint, I thought, "what If I can paint how people feel during retrogrades?"... and my creativity took over. The painting ended up in German newspapers, an exhibition, and back in America in time to finish it. There is a story behind all of my works in Kevoism, enjoy.