Black Artist, Black Art

I've been really busy with my life's latest, but this painting will go up for sale on Black Friday. 

I just wanted to share some words with you all about the concept of being a Black Artist. 

For some, an artist is just an Arist, and it may be a reach to narrow someone down to a "black artist", but categories summarize and simplify things for both the bad and good. I understand why I'm viewed as a "Black Artist", being that people generally classify things, and it doesn't bother me enough to make a fuss about it, so my following comments are more so about my thoughts on the idea of a "black artist". 

As of late, I've been teaching an Art course in a College, and most of the staff and students think I'm a student; until I tell them I'm a professor. The response is usually an apology, but their was one response that was more than likely the inspiration behind the blog: "A Black Professor?". Take the response how you want, but it's proof that people classify things based on whatever judgments or perspectives they may have-- its just a thing people do. 


As a black artist, I understand that people will follow my journey and work, and I have a duty to create art, (notice I didn't say black art). I understand that my art is considered black Art, and as a Black Man I also have a duty to inspire and be a good example of Black Representation in anything I do, that goes for tattooing, Fine Art, Filmmaking, and yes, "A Black Professor?". 

Lastly, the title of this painting will be announced based on the voting on my social media. I was thinking "Water Me" but if you guys have any ideas, feel free to let me know! 

Love y'all, Kevo.