Is Art therapeutic?

Hey, its Kevo from Kevo Arts Studio, I had the thought to write this blog largely impart to thinking about the benefits of creating art. 

Art improves concentration skills, focus, creativity, helps people express, and helps train motor skills. BUT... Is art therapeutic for those who may need a mental break? The Short answer: Depends


Long answer: Well... yes... Isn't art therapy a thing? And I know, just because something is a thing, does that make that thing "thing" for you? It's likely more possible that art is therapeutic than impossible. It's very hard to worry or bellow in depression when your right brain is calculating and observing a pattern it's trying to paint. And its even more difficult to create art without a relaxing environment; not many painters post themselves painting at a rave or burning building :).. Its usually a cool, calm, lightly musical setting; the type of setting we provide at Kevo Arts. Each one of our classes, workshops, and upcoming summer camps, will be a relaxing environment.


Thanks for taking time to read this short blog!



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